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Newly Updated Scholarship List!

Whew!  College has started in our area and my girl is back in school and getting adjusted to her class load for this semester.  I’ve been so busy lately that I haven’t been able to update the site as frequently as I wanted.

A month ago I wanted to update and let everyone know that my list of scholarships has grown.  When I started ‘Ships Ahoy my list of scholarships included just over 1100.  When it grew to over 1200 I wanted to let everyone know.  But, between responding to customers and answering questions about just what ‘Ships Ahoy can provide and coming up with customized products, I just didn’t have time.  So now I want to spring the new number of scholarships that we have on our list to everyone.

Drum roll please……..1634!!

You read that right!  Last night I finished entering information for about 50 scholarships that I had just become aware of and when my tired eyes finished looking at the computer screen there were 1,634 scholarships on my list.

This is why I started this business.  I have now been searching for scholarships for a little over 4 years.  During the first year I wrote down only scholarships that were suitable for my daughter.  About a year into the process I began writing down the name of every scholarship I found so I could help others find the perfect ones for their students.  I am amazed that I am able to find more and more scholarships that I have never heard of each and every day.

This is where I put on my salesman hat.  What you’re receiving when you buy a ‘Ship Kit that contains the list of scholarships is not only an organizational tool and a starting place to apply for scholarships, but TIME.  Time to spend with your student before they head off to higher education, time to spend with the rest of your family, time to relax, time to concentrate on putting energy into all the applications for scholarships.  I have put in the hours looking for scholarships so that you don’t have to. If you purchase the Premium ‘Ship Kit, you’re going to have even more time since I will provide you with not only the list of 1,634 scholarships but also a list of more scholarships that are customized for your student.

Now I take off my salesman hat and put on my practical “SaveMoney-DIY-MomsCanDoAnything” hat.  Can you do all this on your own?  Is this notebook necessary?  The answer to both of these is “Yes”.  Yes, you COULD do it on your own and yes, you do need to take control and have the information organized as you apply for scholarships.  But, anyone can recreate the organizational notebook that I have created and anyone can take the time and look in all the different resources I have to find the same scholarships.  I don’t have magical powers to find scholarships that the average person can’t find.  What I DO have is the experience behind me and the time I’ve already put in, and will continue to put in, to keep finding the scholarships that aren’t advertised on every scholarship website out there. My organizational notebook started as a disorganized mess and I learned what to put in it and how to organize it the best as I went along.  Again, this is where I save you time because you don’t have to waste time reinventing the wheel. I also have the knowledge that my organizational tools work, this process works, and your student can graduate with far less in student loans than the average student today.

Have a great day and hit me with any questions you’ve got about the scholarship process.