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Logo Designer

Short post here today.  If anyone really loves the look of our logo, Cody was our go-to guy for this.  He’s a student at K-State and he was amazing to work with.  He took my idea and manipulated it just the way I wanted.  Cody was even the one to add the graduation cap to the logo.

What I gave Cody was a rough, very rough, sketch of what I thought I wanted.  Withing 24 hours he had made me 5 or 6 different images that I could select from and switch around.  24 hours after that he had pretty much the exact logo I had been envisioning, it just needed some cleaning up and detailing.  He gave me the logo in many different formats, some of which I didn’t even know I would need.  Overall, he was easy to work with, prompt, and affordable.

Cody doesn’t have a website but if anyone wants to get in touch with him, drop me an e-mail and I’ll get you his contact info.