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Hello world!

First real blog post on my new ‘Ships Ahoy website.

I doubt that I’ll blog much on here but it will be a good place to plug the people that helped me get this started and pass their info on in case others would like to use their services.

Today’s plug is for the builder of the website!  This is something I knew I couldn’t do on my own and I asked around quite a bit before I chose someone.  And he has done a wonderful job!  George Walker is a student at Kansas State University and he came highly recommended.  I have to say that I’m very happy with how fast he was able to put together the exact website that I needed and his price is very reasonable.  George worked with me via text, e-mail, and in person and this process went way smoother than I thought it would.  He thought of some things I didn’t even know I might use (this blog being one of them!) and once he was finished he came to show me how to edit pages and content on my own.  We’ll see what kind of student I was when I’m done with this post and if I can get it published so everyone can see it.

If you’re in need of a website designer I would definitely recommend George Walker.  I’m putting a link to his website below, he has quite a resume already and he hasn’t even added ‘Ships Ahoy to it yet!

Have a great Father’s Day everyone!


PS — So, I figured out how to edit the blog and post it but I haven’t figured out how to take George’s name off as the writer of this post so it looks like he’s really giving himself a huge recommendation!  Lol, I’m sure as soon as I tag him and he sees it he’ll text me how to change the author of the post to me.